The Dykes – Pitt Meadows BC. An Ezy Walk.


Harris Rd North, Pitt Meadows.

Harris Rd North, Pitt Meadows


To Start walk, drive 4 miles down the Harris Rd from Lougheed Highway. In other words, if driving in a Maple Ridge direction, turn left on Harris at the gas station.

2015-01-17 14.19.07

Although there are many points of access to the dykes in Pitt Meadows, most people tend to stop off before this option. Ranches and farms will be on your left the river on the right. To venture in the other direction is interesting but a shorter walk, as it comes to a dead end quite quickly.

2015-01-17 14.27.23

This is the only part of the dykes pathways that I’ve spotted a bear! Well, Donna spotted it while I was following it’s prints. I would’ve probably followed the prints with my head down until I bumped right into the nice friendly Black Bear 🙂



You’ll see, local businesses, horse ranches and farms, house boats, a variety odd boats some rather scruffy and semi-submerged (bit of a mess really), and the Pitt Meadows boat club on the other side of the river.

The Harris Rd: You can turn round and go back now:-)

You’ve reached the Harris Rd: You can turn round and go back now:-)

Its a comfortable 2 hour walk at average walking speed. Keep going to you reach Harris Rd, then turn round and come back, or not. If you decide to cross the Harris Rd and continue you’ll have an interesting choice of which side of the river to continue on. Look at some of my other blogs to help with that decision:-)

We saw Osprey’s and Eagles on this hike, very impressive!

Docked until the summer

Docked until the summer

Golden Ears in the distance.

Golden Ears in the distance.

For Sale

For Sale

Local Business

Local Businesses and farms.



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