Kanaka Creek Regional Park near Maple Ridge.

Nice Ezy one here.

Driving eastwards out of Maple Ridge you’ll see signs on the right for Kanaka Regional Park. Drive across the rails and you’re there at the car park next to the Fraser River.  A word of caution, car park has a reputation for break ins so leave nothing on display.

We walked east from car park after the mini ox-bow we came to the watch tower, and just continued along path. Elm trees to the left Fraser River on the right. Last did this walk around 5 years ago. Pathway much improved, no more mud. It’s a pleasant walk eastwards, but after 30 minutes you’ll come to the fence that surrounds the logging company that impedes your progress. Shame about that:-( And , it must be said we saw no wild life on our 1 hour 20 minutes walk.




All Along The Watchtower



So when you reach the fence, no choice but to return the way you came. This is just a gentle stroll with lots of interesting history to read en-route. Rather than return straight to the car park, at a gate go straight through and continue to the bridge and the look out point.

IMG_20150201_145823[1] IMG_20150201_150521[1]

Neat well kept paths, trees covered in moss, an aesthetically pleasing wooden bridge and plenty to read, all attributes that make this worth a Sunday afternoon stroll after lunch.

IMG_20150201_144421[1] IMG_20150201_144628[1]



Great view points.




Back in 1927 these Boom Boys were working on the logs. We can still see this on the Fraser today.


That’s all for now folks:-)


2 thoughts on “Kanaka Creek Regional Park near Maple Ridge.

  1. Hi Conrod,

    Thanks for sharing your Ezy Hikes Ezy Rides with us. I love your personal notes and photos. It motivates me to do more nature walks in my free time.


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